Dear Readers,

Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!

It is January the first month of the year 2017. We are again in that time of the year when every individual has a chance to change, to improve, to repent, to learn from the past mistakes and to tread into the future with wisdom and precaution.

In this journey of life towards progress and all that is truly good for mankind, Spirit of Islam brings profound wisdom from the pen of our mentor Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, the Islamic spiritual scholar, known as Islam’s spiritual ambassador to the world. Some of the subjects discussed in this monthly journal are the creation plan of God, peace for its own sake, the importance of discovering God, the necessity of de-conditioning to return to the good nature on which humans are born, the sense of accountability to God and the existence of a perfect world in the Hereafter where all of man’s desires shall be fulfilled.

Life’s principles pertaining to inter-relationships, virtues and helping one in getting rid of vices and habits that are an obstacle to success, have had a great influence on the readers according to the feedback we receive. People from all age groups and from different backgrounds both religious and secular, have responded positively to the magazine.

With this encouraging response from our readers we begin another year full of hopes and aspirations with complete faith and trust in the Lord Almighty. We beseech Him with all humility to continue to help us in our endeavour to work towards global peace and spiritual living. We are deeply grateful to God for our readers to whom we are very thankful for their gracious patronage.

The year 2016 has been important in terms of the progress of reaching out to more people as the magazine has been added to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Play Store. Time and again the Maulana speaks of the significance of the modern means of communication, thereby to acknowledge God's bounties and also acknowledge the role of all the people who have worked and continue to work to bring us this miracle of modern technology.

When we reflect on the matter we realize that everything in the universe is assisting us in discovering God and bringing us all closer to each other. But unfortunately we human beings, in our limited and narrow thinking are creating barriers between ourselves in various ways. We pray that all of us should use our creativity exclusively for the good of mankind and explore ways of becoming those personalities who are held deserving of God’s Paradise.

Wishing you all a year full of knowledge, wisdom, peace and security!

Fathima Sarah
Publisher, Spirit of Islam.
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Be Cautious
If there is a very small wrong doing that you
may be involved in, Satan begins his work from
that point and totally deviates you from the
right path. This fact can be understood by an
illustration in the natural world. If only a toe
of yours goes into the mouth of a crocodile,
then through it the crocodile will pull your
whole body towards itself. So, one should be
very cautious and not overestimate oneself.
One should introspect and develop modesty.
Humility is the basis of religion.