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Greetings and best wishes of Peace.

They say that joys shared are joys multiplied. So it is with the eternal joys of learning and intellectual pursuit. For years, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has expressed in writing his profound discoveries relating to God’s creation plan, life, peace and practical wisdom. Today, God Almighty has made it possible through this magazine to share these ideas with the entire world. Intellectual discoveries are truly the greatest joy that man can have. The seeker treads this path with a continuous enthusiasm, without boredom or mental stagnation. Material joys on the other hand, are fleeting, and lead one only along the path of deception until the end of life’s journey, when the realization occurs that there is no happiness down this way.

In this issue, we bring to you again the most fundamental ideas of mankind’s purpose in life—The creation plan of God—which is the basic message in the scriptures; one that all of the Prophets brought to mankind, here beautifully explained in the modern context. Wisdom from the examples of the Prophets is explained in a manner that can be applied in our lives leading towards God realisation, peace and progress.

We believe that science does not contradict religion, but rather corroborates many eternal truths. Scientific discoveries have, in fact, enlarged the canvas of God realisation about which we continue to bring you articles. All types of ideologies thrive equally in this world and at times can be confusing. Finding the clear truth free of all prejudices is a true blessing. However, this requires a de-conditioning of our minds, to open them up to reason. The Truth, once discovered, will give us the conviction that moulds our behaviour and gives meaning to our lives.

Happy reading!

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Aijaz Ahmed
Associate Editor