Dear Readers,

Welcome to ‘Spirit of Islam’, a monthly spiritual message, continuing in the tradition of its predecessors, ‘The Spiritual Message’ and ‘Al-Risala English’. This is a magazine for the discerning individual, who stops to contemplate the myriad choices available, before deciding on a course of action. It aims at helping individuals discover, for themselves, answers to their questions on life and beyond — questions that have always confronted us, which we have largely ignored as we continue our race towards material gain.

Questions such as — why am I here, what will happen to me after I die, what is my purpose in life, why is there so much injustice in this world, is there any meaning in life, and did this Universe happen by chance. Through the pages of this magazine, we hope to take readers on a spiritual journey to find meaning, to provide guidance and to discover our Creator, in order to achieve total peace and a God-oriented life. It presents concepts of spirituality and peace, wisdom from the learned, and guidance from the Creator, from the scriptures and the teachings of the prophets. It presents the true understanding and interpretation of contemporary issues. On reading without the shackles of pre-conditioning, open minded seekers of the Truth will find food for thought.

This is a current magazine. All articles are based on sound principles of reason and science with a particular emphasis on the intention and spirit of Islam rather than the form or the ritual. All the articles have been either written by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, translated from his Urdu writings, or developed under his guidance.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated, and can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post to our Bangalore office.

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Aijaz Ahmed
Associate Editor