For Better Solutions

LIFE is full of problems. Most personal problems are the result of a limited outlook on life. If people were to broaden their perspectives, they would soon realize that there are many different ways of approaching the same problem. It would above all, become clear to them that things which are impossible to obtain by direct confrontation can be achieved by the patient fostering of mutual goodwill. Where provocation and retaliation have failed, patience and human concern will succeed.

For further clarity, consider the following situations: If someone with whom you have a business dealing or personal relations turns hostile, pursuing a policy of open confrontation seldom reaps rewards. It is always fruitful to be more polite, to extend courtesy, love and sympathy. That is the way to a person’s heart. It is only by pursuing such a course that a formidable foe may be transformed into a faithful friend.

Through sheer diligence, you can succeed in achieving all those things you wanted others to give you as a matter of right.

Suppose you work in an office and for reasons which you fail to comprehend, you are dismissed. In such a situation, if initial attempts to clear your name and have yourself honourably reinstated come to naught, it is seldom worthwhile persisting in your efforts.

It is far better to wash your hands off the whole situation and try to break new ground elsewhere. That way you can sometimes do even better than before. Often when someone does not pay you your dues, your first inclination is to enter into legal battles with him or wage a relentless psychological war on him. Either course should be eschewed, for the net result is generally wasted time and money. Years can go by without receiving anything in return for a great deal of energy spent.

It is better to ignore the injustice done to you, and to put your trust in hard work to get what you want out of life. It is perfectly possible that, through sheer diligence, you will succeed in achieving all those things you wanted others to give you as a matter of right.